1.7 To make it easier for the Bank and for the Professional or Merchant to identify and to distinguish me from other clients and with credit agencies, financial institutions, registry offices, regulatory authorities and agencies, employers, professionals and individuals given as references. I authorize the Bank as well as the Professional or Merchant to use my Social Insurance Number for these specific purposes, unless I decline to disclose it when completing this application;

1.8 To enable interested persons or companies to carry out due diligence audits in the event of the sale, assignment or transfer of the activities or assets of the Bank, the Professional or Merchant and to allow the conclusion of any transaction in this regard;

1.9 To convey my credit file to credit agencies, and, if applicable, credit product insurers or other lenders in order to preserve the integrity of the credit granting process;

1.10 In other cases and under conditions where the Bank and the Professional or Merchant are permitted by law to use and exchange personal information without my consent.

2. Some of my personal and financial information may also be used and disclosed by the Bank for the following purposes:

2.1 To offer me, via email, telephone, and electronic means (such as email) at the addresses and numbers that I have provided, other products and services offered by the Bank, its subsidiaries and affiliates; and

2.2 To enable the Bank to disclose such information to its subsidiaries and affiliates (where legislation permits) so that they can offer their products and services to me.

I expressly authorize the Bank and the Professional or Merchant to use and disclose my personal information for the purposes stated above. I acknowledge that I may, at any time, prohibit the Bank from using and disclosing the information for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 2, subject to reasonable notice. I must then notify the Bank to this effect by calling Customer Service at 1-888-483-5628 (toll free) or 514-394-5555 in the Montreal area, by sending an email to teinal@nbc.ca, or by going to one of the Bank’s branches. The product or service requested will not be refused solely because I withhold my consent to my personal information being used or disclosed for such purposes. In all cases, I will be notified of the consequences of my refusal to allow the Bank to use and disclose my personal information, particularly the fact that I will no longer receive information on the products and services likely to be of interest to me. I acknowledge that my decision will not prevent the Bank from sending me regulatory inserts, printing messages on an account statement or ABM statement, posting messages on a transactional site or webpage, or directly communicating to me any information on its products and services.

Retention, access and correction

I authorize the Bank and the Professional or Merchant to keep the information collected for the purposes stated above for as long as needed, even if I am no longer their client. I acknowledge that I can also have access to my personal information and correct it, if needed by sending a request to this effect, either to my branch or by email to confidentality@nbc.ca, or by calling the Professional or Merchant, as applicable. In addition, I will advise the Bank and the Professional or Merchant promptly of any changes related to my personal information so that they may update their files. The Bank and the Professional or Merchant are authorized to act on the basis of the information they have pertaining to me until such time as they are notified of a change to said information. If I fail to advise the Bank and the Professional or Merchant of such changes, I cannot hold them liable for any damages I may incur as a result of inaccurate information pertaining to me they have, use and disclose.


1. General terms and conditions

Option 1. Separate disclosure

If Option 1 is selected, each of the applicants will receive the regulatory information.

Consequence of separate disclosure – Even if the applicants reside at the same mailing address, each applicant will receive the documents containing regulatory information separately, including statements of account, if applicable.

Option 2. Single disclosure

If Option 2 is selected, only one copy of the regulatory information will be given to one applicant, i.e. the main applicant, using documents made out to all the applicants.

Consequence of single disclosure – Only one copy of the documents containing regulatory information will be sent to only one applicant, including account statements, if applicable.

Revocable election – Each of the applicants may revoke this election at any time by calling TELNAT at 1-888-483-5628 (toll-free) or 514-394-5555 in the Montreal area. When any one applicant exercises his or her right to receive the regulatory information separately, all the applicants will receive such information individually until the end of the loan.

2. Choice applicable to renewal
The election made by the applicants and any revocation of this election will continue to apply to any renewal of the loan agreement. Accordingly, all notices of renewal or non-renewal will only be sent to the main applicant if Option2 – Single disclosure has been selected.

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